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Yesterday I started to drive my 29 Buick to town. Got about one mile down the road and the temp.gauge hit the 200 deg. mark.Stoped and it only took 3/4 gal. of water to fill the radiator. There was no steam and the engine didn't seem to be over heating.The gauge never moved off the 200 degree mark when I drove the 6 miles to town and the 7 miles home.

This morning the gauge is still at the 200 deg. mark.I do have another gauge but it is not as nice as the one in the car and would like to know if anyone has tried to repair a temp gauge.


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This fellow has repaired a couple of my mechanical temperature gauges and they have worked fine ever since:

Services: TEMPERATURE gauge problems? We have good, reliable repair service that is guaranteed; still no electrics or motometers, a large selection of used early gauges is available. Roy Martin, The TEMPERATURE Gauge Guy, 172 Laurel Hill Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403, PH: 802-862-6374.

There are several other vendors listed in Hemmings that do this sort of work too, but I have been pleased with Martin's work....

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