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A couple of weeks back I went to the Americana event. I took a few piccies which I thought you might like to see. Just for a change, I thought I'd take a few pics of my own car, as I never seem to have any.


A quick stop on the way down. Ignore the water in front of the car.. its a slight technical fault smile.gif


Sandra's (my other half) car. Not bad for a 36 year old huh? The cars not bad either grin.gif


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I'll be-holding onto this car for a long, long time laugh.gif


Someone turned on the Buick magnet grin.gif


I got asked several times if it annoyed me having another 59 parked so close. Well, not really, as it belongs to me also grin.gifgrin.gif


Our neighbours on the show field. Lovely isn't it? Wouldn't swap though smile.gif


We even managed to park together.. awwwww


Dreams do come true......

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Dave, thanks for those great photos. The '59 convertible is a knockout, and I assume that you heard positive comments repeatedly during your Americana visit. It's great to see that these cars are appreciated around the world.

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This was her first big "public" outing and it's fair to say that the convertible was quite a hit at the show. I had several people approach me wanting to buy her, but she's going nowhere! I'd kept my new "baby" a secret from all but a small few friends, and the look on the faces of those that had no idea was totally priceless.

Needless to say, several tours of the showground were done with various friends during the 4 days we were there, and it was fantastic to drive by and hear the comments from the people we passed. Can't wait for the next event!!

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Could you post or send me more pics and/or info for the happening. Some friends have said that it's great happening but americana homepages didn't give me reason enough to attend. So I'd like to know more blush.gif

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You can find some more pictures here

I guess you've already looked at the main web site http://www.americana-international.co.uk/

There is also another site which is run bt the organiser, intended to be a less formal affair. There are loads of pictures of this years event on there also.


It is a fantastic event, not just for the cars, but also for the 40+ live bands over the three main days, this year including Hayseed Dixie, and The Bellamy Brothers amongst many top class artists.

I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed with your visit, should you pop over next year. There'll be a drink in my trunk waiting for you grin.gif

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Guest imported_MrEarl

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed with your visit, should you pop over next year. There'll be a drink in my trunk waiting for you


Make it a Fuzzy Navel and praps Terry would pop over and polish YOUR fenders. grin.gif

Man that Americana looks like FUN. Hell we don't have that much fun here in AMERICA. The musician line up looked to have been great. Nothin better than good music and beautiful cars. Well almost nothin...

Man I'm glad you didn't paint that beautiful victa...it's only original oncet

BTW thought you or your friends might be interested in this

60 Invicta

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I'm also glad to hear you are leaving the car with original paint. There are so few true survivors and to see one in such beautiful condition, with that choice colour to boot, makes it just that much better!

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MrEarl, a Fuzzy Navel for a fender polish? You're on! I'll make it an extra large though, to make it worth the journey wink.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

Fun doesn't even go halfway to describe Americana. Entertainment from noon till late every night - at least 5 different venues simultaneously, with something for everyone - It's just a 4 day long party!

Thank you to MrEarl and Ewing, and also Brian (Centurion) for your nice words about the condition of my car paint. Betcha thought I wasn't listening to you, did ya? Truth is, its not quite as good as the photos make her look, but the decision is made - she's staying as she is.

BTW, nice 60 convert MrEarl! Nice price tag too!!

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