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Model 14 Brake maladies

Joe Kieliszek

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Just a word of advise to any 1910 or "11 Buick model 14 owners:

Should you have an opportunity to remove one or both rear wheels

for repair or maintainence of the brakes, inspect the hub inside

of the brake drum. I'm currently cleaning up my wheels for repaint

and sleeving of the hubs for Timken bearings. I noticed that one

of my rear wheel hub projections has a deep groove cut into it;

upon measuring, there is only 1/32 of an inch left before the hub

would have been severed. It looks as if the U shaped link for

expanding the brake band was using the wheel hub instead to stop

the car!! grin.gif


Joe Kieliszek

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I wish the picture you posted was still there, I have been running mine around this past weekend and think something is wrong with the brakes, I have new linings but the right side grabs way to early and locks up before the left side comes in. Any suggestions?

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