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37 Zephyr Sedan

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I posted a couple of messages about a year ago and have been just reading and learning since then. I have retired again and have now started redoing my 37 zephyr. My first job is a new paint job. Where do I find information on the correct items that should be black and what should be the body color under the hood and underbody. Thanks in advance for any help and I'm sure I will be posting a lot of questions as I work on the car.

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The single best source is the Authenticity Manual, which you can get from Earle Brown or possibly George Trickett in the "Sources" section of this website. That said, I've heard that the authenticity manual isn't 100% correct, so ask around. I'm restoring a '37 too, so I've picked up a few pointers as well that I'd be glad to share (check out my website to boot -- see below).

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