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Guest PWN

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Guest imported_PWN

Just trying to see if any Chandler owners are still alive. This place is morbidly slow.

Any new projects, etc.?


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Guest imported_PWN

Still trying to get the nerve to send off my rods for rebabbitting. Should I send three at a time, just in case?

Also trying to figure out who to get to di it. Babbitt pot, Vintage Motor??????

Learned how to use the micrometer and am failry happy at the results. No crank turning yet!

Hope all are well.

On the to do list;

a) send in dues B) register car, etc.


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Guest 29Chandler

Hi Fellow Members,

I have been busy stripping parts off a parts car.

A 29 Royal 75-8

There are a few things that I will not need. If you guys are restoring this year and model and are in need of some parts, contact me to see if I have it.

I plan on placing an ad in the next newsletter.

This is a wood wheel car non-side mount.


Jerry Hill



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