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Seat Interchangeability


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All the seats mount the same.

There were two styles. Regular (6-way with manual recliner) and the mis-labeled "16-way seats" (the base 6-way plus power-adjustable thigh bolster, lumbar and recliner for the driver, passenger just got 6-way plus power recline)

The "16-way" option was available all years, and the wiring is in place whether the car was originaly equipped with the optional seats or not.

Early '88s had suede and leather seating surfaces, running change mid-year to all-leather seating surfaces.

The grey used for '88 & '89 was a different (darker) grey than used in '90 & '91.

I believe the blue, burgandy and tan colors were the same throughout the 4 year run.

There were also a small number of Reattas built in late '90 to "91 with white seats and "flame red" seats.

If you are going to swap out the seats, definately go for the 16-way as it is way more comfortable. For bonus points you can make yourself "true" dual 16-ways by using two drivers seats. The passenger and driverts seats are the same, you just switch which side the control pod is mounted on.

Try Jim Finn Jfinn@cpinternet.com or Mike reattadudes@aol.com for used seats.

ReattaDudes also sells replacement leather packages.

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