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DPC (Driver Participation Class) ???

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Okay, I've been seeing references to this relatively new (?) show class, but it is not listed as such on the registration form for the upcoming Scranton Region show...

What is the class number for DPC, and what are the parameters ?

( The only thing I see on the Region application is 1A: AACA HPOF/ Driver Class National Winners )


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After looking at the 2005 Judging Rules and Guidelines manual I cannot find that the classes for HPOF or DPC have a class number.

Before the class lists it shows: HPOF (Non-competitive Class)(k) and DPC (Driver Participation Class)(m)

Under (m) it says: "(DPC) Class for driven vehicles 25 years or older. All national first prize winners are excluded from this class."

"The AACA National DPC Evaluation Team will be available at every National Meet with the exception of the Annual Grand National."

Also, "The duties of the DPC Evaluation Team shall be to evaluate the vehicles entered in the DPC Class for the first time to make certain they meet the qualifications of that class regarding age of the vehicle, the various items that are original, and the condition of these items and the vehicle in general. Since there is no specific number of items required to be original on a DP vehicle, evaluation must be base on a number of factors requiring good judgement."

And, "Once accepted as a DPC vehicle, a certification plaque will be issued to the vehicle which will be mounted at some visible location on the vehicle. Repeat DPC vehicles are visually checked."

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Frank, the DPC is a <span style="font-weight: bold">national</span> class and as such, your region may not choose to have a similar type of class at a local show.

Check Page 41 of our Judging manual for a complete description of the class (Driver Participation Class). Manual is online

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