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Steve Moskowitz

World's Rarest Vehicle?

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I had Fran send me ten tickets to sell at our next meeting which was supposed to be July 11th but has been postponed until July 18th. I am in great hopes of selling all ten that evening.

I saw the sculpture at the show at Roanoke and Fran begged so hard that I gave her my very last money I had, which just happened to be five dollars. I think she is kind of proud that she left me penniless. smirk.gif But it is for a good cause. smile.gif

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Quote; IF YOU WANT TO SELL the information on this GENERAL FORUM.

Great idea 1937hd45. Who is in charge of selling the tickets? I just happen to run into someone at two meets that were selling them.

I met Glen's wife at the Founders Tour but know very little regarding Glen.

Have a good weekend.

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I will try to answer some of these comments but I need to get unloaded (just came in from the Warren Meet and left at 5:30 this morning).

First of all, the car has never been offered for sale before. It has been in the library collection and was a donation many years ago. The Library has neither the funds nor the time to restore it. The proceeds will be very useful to the library for operational expenses and to upgrade their services.

The Library has not recieved vehicle donations in a long time and therefore does not sell vehicles on a regular basis. The selling of the Paige, Martin and other items on EBay are new to the board's operation. This was basically done due to need and since the items were not doing anyone any good in storage.

I too have bought a lot of tickets (not as many as some) but would keep the fabulous sculpture and donate back to the library upon my passing. It is an incredible piece and for those of us that really love brass cars, it is a must have!

Tickets are available by calling Kim at the library and we have posted this before. The website is due to change in the next few days and I am not sure we have the ability to do anything special with a post but it is a good idea for the future. Our web people are overloaded now getting the kinks out of the new site.

Donations to the library and especially to the endowment fund mean a lot. If we coul double the size of the current endowment, we would have a much better chance to live off of the interest. Please consider our library when deciding on your charitable contributions.

I will not endeavor to speak for the museum but I believe in their mission and hope that we can all find ways to support this cause. They are working on their website and I will pass this thread along.

BTW, Warren was a great meet with many unusual cars!

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Guest imported_Bookreader

Hi, John and I also just arrived home from the fabulous meet in Warren, Ohio. I must say that we did pretty good with the sculpture sales there. 46 tickets sold at $5.00 each. You do the math. But it took from 9 AM until 4:30 PM to sell that amount.

I will work tomorrow or Tuesday to get the sculpture information on the forum for you.

Please do support this raffle.

The sculpture does weigh about 90 pounds but John and I are positive that it is gaining weight as we take it to each event around the country. Next stop, Denver (NorthGlen Dual meet).

It is wonderful to meet AACA members as I sell these raffle tickets but don't kid yourself that I have not heard every excuse in the book as to why our members will not spend $5.00 to support the Library. So this is not an easy task.

The concept of the AACA Library and Research Center should be viewed not only as a viable source of information for research for authentification BUT to have a repository for the valuable information of the automobile industry. There is so much I could say, have said here, and in person I sound like a recording. My husband tells me that I am searching for donations and asking for money so much that people may run from me. Well, if every member just added a bit to their dues or gave a bit each year to the AACA Library; I could vanish from view, gladly.

We need the income. We are a separate organization. We are one of three organizations of AACA. I have the dubious title of chairman of the Fundraising Committee.It is a responsible task that I take seriously.

If each one of the forum readers would write to Kim Miller at the Library and send her a check for a nice amount of the sculpture tickets; she will send you back the end of the ticket and deposit the stub into our big drum.

The sculpture has an appraised value of $5000.00.

We have only one full time Librarian, one and a half time staff members on our payroll. We have operational expenses as all have.

Until I can get help to move our Library website information about the sculpture onto this forum; go to the site.

To those of you who have supported this raffle so well, we thank you. To those who are always "there" for our Library and Research Center, we thank you. To those of you who will keep us in your thoughts as you write checks throughout the year; we thank you.

This is long enough; but let me also tell you we have a grant from "Collector's Fund" that will double your donations made to that fund. So for your $10.00; yep! it becomes $20.00 Or more----.

Thanks for listening. I can be reached by private mail here or openly at Fran Shore

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