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National Meet in Batavia NY

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Unfortunately, Jack Gerstkemper will not be able to attend this year's meet in NY. He has a scheduling conflict with a business trip that cannot be resolved. So, I am requesting anyone in the Pre-War Division who attends the meet to please advise the rest of us how the board meeting goes with regard to the final approval of our new division. Although I am sure one of the board members will advise us of the outcome; I am interested in an opinion from one of our members.

Once we are officially recognized by the BCA board, we will begin the process of recruiting regional directors to help us co-ordinate Pre-War Buick activities. Anyone interested in becoming a regional director, should contact Jack or me.


Mark Shaw


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Guest my3buicks

Joe, I looked over the list, I don't see your name yet. Although people will know beforehand I'm sure, I will be announcing the new Chapters, Divisions, and Region at the banquet.

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