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Buick Diff Ratios


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Can anyone tell me the original diff ratio for a 1934/35 Buick 8/40 and were there any other options? Has anyone converted these diffs to a higher ratio for better highway speed or bolted in another diff altogether? If so which model diffs can been used?

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Guest imported_daydreamer

try al bell in florida he should be of some help . if you need a phone # call me at 1 231 946 6609 or 1 231 3573009 ask for paul . a cheep way to raise the speed is to bolt on a set of 33 buick rims . they are 17" it does help.

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I don't have any books handy. But the 1934 series 40 and the 1935 series 40-50 were the same parts. The other series were different.

I have a new ring and pinion gear set for you car but will have to check the ratio.

Jim Schilf


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