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Hello all!

I am producing a documentary feature for PBS titled, "My First Car". It is a collection of stories about people's first car experiences in the period from 1905-1930. Unfortunetly, we do not yet have enough personal accounts to move on with the program.

Is anyone in your organization who could help me find people that recieved their first car in that period or remember their family's first car? Any help that you could give me would be much appreciated.

Obviously, I'm not going to find someone on the internet who recieved their first car in 1912. But, I may find someone whose family got their first car in 1935 and can remember the looks their neighbors gave them while driving it home to the family farm sitting in his/her father's lap.

The dates aren't totaly strict. The phenomenon of owning your first car has changed amazingly little in the history of automobiles. My first post was mostly just fishing for people with the perfect contact/story.

I will be going to nursing homes, but I'd like to go to specific nursing homes rather than just walking into one and getting a whole bunch of info on what owning a car was like in San Mateo but nothing on the rest of the country.

So if anyone remembers an article in a magazine, or their Grandfather talking about how much life changed after he bought his Model T in '27, feel free to call me at 608.469.2007 or email me at rk002003@pomona.edu.

I want to have good quotes about what it tasted like to buy your first car in the middle of your life when cars were, perhaps not a novelty, but at least brave and new.

Thank you,

Ryan Knight

Varied Directions



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Hi Ryan, what a huge task you have undertaken, I guess I am a mere youngster at 71 years of age, when I got my first car when I was 14, in 1949, have a lot of stories about it, I know a fellow in Oklahoma who was born in 1942, whose first car in the 1960's was a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr sedan, my first was a 1930 Model A Ford coupe

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It's a big project indeed.

If you would like to email me with any stories or reflections, please feel free to do so.

I can also call you if typing is difficult.

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