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At 8:55 p.m. this evening I finished the final item on my long list of things to do to "finish" the restoration on my 1955 Special. I still need to do a couple of touchup things but everything else is in or on the car. When do you stop???? I see every little flaw. These aren't huge by any means but does a $100k pro shop restoration have these minor irritants? I hope not. I did my best and will be showing it next weekend with my head held high. smile.gif See you soon.


Yeah, I know all of my posts recently were bragging......yee haw wink.gif

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I have learned in doing both car work and home type work that you will be the only one to see the flaw in the paint or the crooked seam. This happens because you have spent so much time with it that you know everything about it.

Everyone else is going to look at the car and be amazed. All they will se is a great looking car.

Congratulations and I cant wait to see it in Batavia.

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If nothing else, keep in mind that cars had flaws coming off the assembly line, so even if you know it has this or that issue, it still may very well be a better car than when it was built.

If nothing else, you should have a feeling of accomplishment and hopefully your efforts wll be rewarded with congratulations and thumbs up from folks who see your car.

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I concur that all assembly line cars will have some "boo-boos" or similar, yet when the general public (which includes US, in many cases), we expect and demand "perfection" (or it isn't "right"). If a drip or sag of sealer is exactly duplicated, not to mention all of the inspection stamps/paing daubs or incorrect gloss of paint in certain places on the vehicle, then "It's not 'perfect'", at least to them. Interesting how we forget those production "things" even existed!

I know you've spent a great deal of time and effort in getting your Buick from where it started to where it now is. I also know that you've had one of the best mentors and assistants on your project that is currently known to exist--who has some of the best examples of "road driven" Buicks of that era himself, "Old-Tank"!

Your continued dedication to your goal -- and making it happen -- is an inspiration to many in the hobby. It will also result in many more hours and miles of pleasure for you, your family, and the extended family of auto enthusiasts. Plus the sense of pride in your accomplishments as your project enriches the lives of those who might see and experience them.

Rest assured, if we're not physically there to enjoy your trip to Batavia, we'll be there in spirit and thoughts. And, yes, we'll expect a fully report in October!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Willis Bell, 20811

Director, North TX Chapter BCA

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