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Generator/Voltage regulator question

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Prior to the generator and regulator being replaced the V-12 typically after starting the engine, the amp gauge would go to full charge and eventually work its way back to the middle of the gauge. After running awhile the amp needle would stay just a hair to the right of the center amp gauge mark. With the new rebuilt generator and new regulator it now reads in the middle of the gauge on the center mark and will go to charge only upon acceleration of the motor. Is this normal??

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Thats normal considering your battery is fully charged and you are not running any of the accesories (radio, headlights,etc) I found a guy that can make a 1 wire alternator out of the original Lincoln generator, will look the same but perform like an alternator. I am taking mine in next month to see how many amps he can get me in the stock case. He can make them in 6 volt positive or negitive ground and 12 volt also. will let you know cost and how it works when I get mine done.

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