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You know how to install woven brakes on 27 Buick??

Bruce F

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I need to replace the woven brake pads in a 27 Buick Master. I see they are riveted, made of brass and countersunk. Is there anyone who could explain to me the steps in replaceing the brakes. What size rivets do I need? How does the rivet hold the pad up? They are peaned into the pad(i am told), but cannot picture how that would be, unless the rivet end has teeth. Appreciate any help.


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This is a common procedure for people working on the Model A Ford. Check the Model A forum "Ahooga" or "FordBarn" and post a request for references. There are several articles available covering the procedure in detail. Wear a dust mask when you are working with any dusty parts of your old brake system - there is asbestos in the dust.

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