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zephyr 1936 please help me

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Hi (sorry for my english)

i've some tech questions about lincoln zephyr, hope you can help me

which type of spark plug should i use?

which is the firing order?

which is the engine oil capacity?

which is the oil capacity of limps speed?

power of the battery?

pressure of inflation of the tires?

thanks a lot for your help

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The following info is from a '36 Lincoln Zephyr owner's manual.

Spark plugs, althought not specified, were originally Champion H10. Modern eqivalents are the H10C, NKG-B6L, and Autolite 216.

Firing order is as follows: 1-4-9-8-5-2-11-10-3-6-7-12. The even numbers are on the passenger side ( front to back) and the odd on the driver's side.

Oil capacity was 6 quarts unless some one has change the oil pan which could then be 5 quarts. The oil level indicator near the carb will tell you when it "full".

"oil capacity of limps speed" Not quite sure what you mean here? Oil pressue at speed was approximately 30 psi after the engine was warm.

Battery. The original was a 17 plate 6 volt with a capacity of 96 amp-hours. A modern 6 volt group 2 battery will be more than adequate.

Tire pressue. The original 7:00 x 16 tires had a recommended tire pressure of 28 lbs. Pressure for modern tires will vary according to type of construction etc. If you use radial type tires the recommended pressure is usually higher.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for your answer

For the 4th question, i just want to know the oil capacity of gear box.

All those informations are for a friend of me who have buy a zephyr but don't have the owner manual. May be later i'll have more questions.

thanks again

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