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OK. Let me preface this by saying that I am a complete electrical moron.

Yesterday I started out with a mess of a used wiring harness and a bunch of new wires all wrapped up neat in their boxes. I laid them all out in my driveway and nearly gave up from the get-go. First I spliced the old harness back together where they had been cut to remove them. (I can't imagine ever trying to do a new full body harness from scratch, stupid lucky Chevy guys wink.gif) I finally got everything strung together and installed. I started the car with a fire extinguisher at the engine compartment, one inside the car and one in the trunk. It worked without having to go to an electrician or dialing 911.shocked.gif

Just wanted to brag. Tonight I have to get the ducts on the package tray installed. See y'all in three weeks. Arghhhh.......Must...stay...focused.grin.gif


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