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I have a 43,000 mile untouched Electra with factory air. I have the manual & have studied it carefully. I now feel confident that I know how the vacuum and fan switching works. It is amazing how complicated this system is for pre-comfort control cars. Anyway, I need to pull my heater core, it is leaking, and then I need to get rid of what I suspect is ductwork filled with rodent nests. I cannot get any air flow out of anything, even with the fan on full tilt.

Any of you ever worked on a 60 with air, or pulled the heater core from one with or without air, I hear the proceedure is the same?


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Dan, I'm glad to see that you posted here. I can't answer your direct question here, but "DeltaWingFlyer" was down from Canada to a weekend Buick show here in Washington, and he brought the belt pulley for an A/C-equipped car -- with you in mind. This part came from an A/C-equipped '59 Buick, and we suspect that the part is the same for '60. Do you need this item? Please send me an e-mail at laurance@integrity.com with your mailing address, and I can mail this to you if you need it.

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