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talk about bad luck!


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O.K. Here's the deal. Wednesday my girlfriend told me we had to go to dinner at her parents.(Relatives in from out of town) Of course I took my keys (Never leave home without them) and set them under the ashtray in girlfriend car.<P>That night as we were about to leave,(I had to go to work, Third Shift) her brother asks to trade vehicles. She agrees and we leave. We get home(a half hour away) and I realize, I don't have my car keys!<P>To add insult to injury, my windows were down and it began to rain! And I'm not talking sprinkles here, I'm talking MONSOON! All over my perfect charcoal grey leather interior. <P>By then her brother was gone. Out on a hot date, and not comming home till God knows when. So needles to say, my lovely Buick spent a night getting rained in. <P>I got my keys back Thursday morning. (Thank God for her sister in law) My girlfriend takes my car to work, only to return an hour latter. Guess what....The Fog Lights won't turn off!<P>I played with the button for a few moments...Nuthin happend. Then I went to the fuse box on the pasenger side. Hit the relay about six times with the cover and, Voila! The damn things turned off!<P>Just thought I'd share this little story with you. This is a continuation of an ongoing argument between my girlfriend and I.<P>She owns a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix (Supercharged) and thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread! On the other hand she feels that my car is a ten year old worthless piece of junk that is nickel and dimming me to death.<P>This of course sets me off and I just say "Well, at least my car has it's own website!" grin.gif

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