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I am new here and am looking for, basically any 1927 Buick Masters 58 series parts. Making a list of priority i need a roof redone, exhaust manifold, rear light, repair manual, (not in order) Then nice to have things like a jack, dual switch, fuel line(mines clogged) Any parts out there let me know. Thank you.

Bruce Fortin

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I have a set of brass buick hub caps some where in my collection, as i remember they are in good condition, but the nickel was worn, if you you want i can post a photo of them, they are in Adelaide south Australia wink.gif

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Suggest you monitor and join the Yahoo group "1927 Buicks" .

Just go to Yahoo groups and search for 1927 Buicks. There are about 150 members of this group worldwide, and they can be very helpful in finding parts and services.

Good luck these are great cars and lots of fun to drive and restore...

Bill, 1927 Buick Model 51

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