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Radio Noise Suppressors

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Anyone have a lead on who has radio noise suppressors and how many are needed? and their location?. Radio works in my '48 Lincoln Continental but when you run the engine, the static interference takes over. Someone has suggested ground straps? has anybody had success in using them? or any other suggestions to eliminate the static, other than turn the radio off smile.gif

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Earle Brown has radio suppressors. I think 3 are needed on the 48. One on the generator/temperature sending unit and two on the voltage regulator.


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If you can get by with 3 on a '48, you're lucky. I was looking at the radio installation guide for my '37. Here's what they recommend:

* 2 on the distributor / coil

* 1 on the oil pressure switch

* 1 on the temp sending unit (on the radiator in '37

* 1 on the fuel sending unit

* 1 on the generator

That's six there, and I'm sure Ford and Philco engineers would have wanted two more in your ears. 'course, you wouldn't be able to hear *anything* then.... wink.gif

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I would think the only difference would be in the mounting tab location. For example, is it in the middle, on the side, or somewhere else. I can't imagine there being any internal differences; they're just suppressors. But it's a good question. Anyone know for sure?

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