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1940 Zephyr sedan trunk lid hinges

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OK experts, here's my next help question. My early '40 sedan has latch type trunk hinges with the latch mechanism only on the right (passenger side) hinge. Unfortunately, someone tried closing the lid without first lifting it to release the latch - well, you know the story. Should both hinges have latches, and will the later hinges with springs instead of latches work on my '40 without modification? Perhaps if someone has a '41 or later body manual, that might show if the spring type would replace the latch type on the '40. Of course, I'm in need of a replacement hinge, or pair of hinges if any of you happen to have some lying around. Re; my previous water pump shaft length questions, I sent a pair of pumps to Skip, and have determined the longer shafts will fit in my block, but still don't know if my block is early or later. I'll check that against Georges post on block ID when I get a chance to crawl under the car, and will also measure the length of Skip's shafts when I get the pumps back. Ron

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Hi Ron,

did you manage to solve the problem in the meantime? Hope so.

I am looking for 1940 Zephyr sedan trunk hinges, but am not sure about the shape. Don't want to buy the wrong ones. Would you be able to share some pictures how these hinges look like? 1940/41 didn't have springs or did they? Many thanks in advance!



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