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Any Mechanics in Houston?


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Hiya! grin.gif<P>I am seriously considering buying a Reatta here in Houston but I want to take it to a mechanic to get it inspected thoroughly. I know this is a long shot, but are any of you reading this in Houston? I'd like to know where to take this beauty to see if it's in tip-top shape. I know I can just get any normal mechanic to check the drivetrain and maybe the brakes. But I'd like an expert, someone who knows what to look for in these cars.<P>A couple of things I do know. The battery died and after we started the car, the crt did a diagnostic test and it said the brake fluid was low. And when I went back today, it said there was an electrical problem. Low fluid could be just that, I know. Or it could also mean something is wrong with the brakes. Also, how regularly is there an "electrical problem"? It seems to me by going by this discussion group, they are common and not too much to worry about. The car seemed to run fine and I didn't detect any brake problem in the test drive. Also, I did a carfax report on the car and it was sold 6 times in the eleven years it's been alive. It went from NY to Penn. to Missouri, to Kansas and then to Texas. The first owner drove it almost 60,000 miles in 4 years. Then the rest of the owners drove it only 40,000 in the other 6 years. It was always sold at auction. Is this too much, or am I just being over-cautious? Please say yes. tongue.gif I really want this car.<P>Thanks a lot!! In advance.<BR>

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