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Look Ma, no cavities, umm haze


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A few days ago one of the forum members said that toothpaste would clear up the taillight lense. I thought, what the hell, if toothpaste can't hurt your mouth it can't hurt the taillights. I applied it, very messy, and after all of it was wiped off I frankly did not see any change. I then put a coat of wax on it and WOW, the lense looks new. Nothing I've tried has worked this well. My lenses were not too bad, but now they look new. I guess we can say now that toothpaste has been shown to be an effective haze preventive product that can be of significant value when used in a conscientously applied program of taillight hygiene and regular waxing care.<p>[This message has been edited by Howard (edited 07-02-2000).]

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