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tell me about your car!!!!

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O.K. we've talked about ages, we've talked about technical problems, and we've talked about what other 2 seaters we either own or dream about. Now let's get to the real meat and potatoes. Tell me about your car! 1. What year is your Reatta? 2. How long have you owned it? 3. What color is it? 4. What made you decide to buy this particular vehicle? 5. Where did you purchase it and who from? 6. What have you changed/added to your Reatta since ownership. Well, I guess I'd better start with me-<BR>1. 1990<BR>2. 14 months<BR>3. Black exterior/Grey interior<BR>4. Worked at Lee's Famous Recipe as a Teen. Owner of the place bought a Blue one in 1988 right off the show room floor. Been facinated ever since.<BR>5.Found an ad in "Auto Trader" magazine whic serves Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. I purchased mine from a woman in Dayton, Oh.<BR>6. Chucked old factory speakers (which sucked) and replaced, had an Amp installed, Other than that, nothing. People have suggested rims and stuff. But I feel like if I do that, it wont be a Reatta any more. Can't wait to hear from you!<P>------------------<BR>

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1. 1988<BR>2. I'm the orginal owner, I purchased it brand new<BR>3. White exterior/grey interior<BR>4. I saw it when it first came out, displayed in a shopping mall, and went to my nearest Buick dealer and ordered one. It was love at first sight.<BR>5. No changes

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1988, ours since January 2000, White. My husbad found the car in our local Auto Trader. I had never seen one before. He said we had to take a look at it. I was a little leary, being it was an 88 with 109,000 miles. Its was for sale used at a dealer ship here in Manitoba Canada. We arrived at the dealership, took it for a test drive & I told him we weren't leaving without it. Now its a fight to decide who gets to drive it. The only modification to the car is tinted windows. We bought it like that, but I assume they did not come with tint. I absolutely love it!

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My story is a little unique. I was waiting for my lease to expire to order a new camaro convertible. On the way to the gym, I noticed a convertible camaro and thought I better test drive it before I order it. I HATED THE RIDE! Actually, the salesman was a former employer from 10 years ago. He said he had the perfect car for me. It wasn't even on the lot. There it was a beautiful white convertible with white leather and flame red interior, all the extras, and only 26,000 miles on it. I didn't realize what I was buying until later. During the negotations, several customers waited in line to buy my car. Till this day I receive many compliments and always enjoy the car. I drove to Key West Florida 480 miles and only used one tank of gas. I couldn't believe it. Recently replaced the CD Player and Speakers. IT'S A GREAT CAR! I bought it in February 1996, second owner and it is a 1990 Select 60.<P>[This message has been edited by Dolores (edited 06-27-2000).]<p>[This message has been edited by Dolores (edited 06-27-2000).]

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1. 1990 Coupe<BR>2. Owned since April 1993<BR>3. White w/ tan interior<BR>4. I had looked at different cars at different dealers and hadn't found the right car. Was trading in my '85 Cougar that I had purchased new. Went to a GM dealer to test drive a new Bonneville. After I nixed the Bonneville, the salesman looked at me and said, "I've got just the car for you". I had already determined I wanted a white car, and when he led me to the showroom fresh white Reatta, I knew this was the one! It had less than 10,000 miles, smelled new and still had 6 months left under warranty. I drove it and it "fit like a glove". Supposedly, the dealer purchased the car, a repossession, from a GM auction.<BR>6. Haven't changed a thing except the tires. Of course I've fixed a few things, but that's another story.<BR>

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1. '90 Reatta <BR>2. Since Dec. 29th, 1999<BR>3. Flaming red with tan/Rosewood interior<BR>4 & 5. After my brother burned the engine out of my refurbed (more like re-animated, actually smile.gif ) '84 Le Baron, I saw a Silver/Burgundy '89 at Easton Motors here in Baltimore. Went in to look for a SUV. Dealer told me much to be wary of and suggested I look at the cars (which were actually less) instead. Fell in love with the car instantly. Became obsessed after test driving her, and had been checking out dealer for over a year, so had built up a little trust. When I came back 2wks later with downpayment, was told car was sold. Dealer called me 2days later. Had just bought a red '90 at auction and wanted me to have it. I came back, test drove it, and went gaga! Dealer worked with me on down payment and I drove away on the 29th with the best Christmas present I could've gotten myself! grin.gif<BR>6. New Pioneer head unit, FM modulated Pioneer CD-Changer, CB, hard wired Rader and Cellphone charger, red marker and parking lights, Dunlop D60-A2 tires (bought with them), subwoofer, new 5-1/4" door and 6x9 rear speakers, 2 amps, and allnew speaker wiring. Will be changing: New paint job (switching base/clear coat for Emeron, sequential turn signals, tinted windows, custom center console with built-in cupholder(s)and possibly new wheels, rear spoiler, and wood grain interior panels.<BR>Gotta Love it!!!!<P>Gee, sorry. Forgot about the K&N Air and Oil filters, the AC Delco Platinum Plus plugs and the ACCEL Plug wires. grin.gif<p>[This message has been edited by Consultants_1 (edited 06-28-2000).]

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-1988<BR>-Owned in for 5 years (One and a half as my car, the rest as my dads)<BR>-Black with a dark red interior<BR>-Bought it at a no-name used car lot in Nebraska for 5 grand; because it is very unique and rare<BR>-Ahhhhh, modifications!! 15" Enkei 11 spoke alloy wheels, semi-performance exhaust with 4.5" chrome tip, JVC 12-Disc CD changer, 400 watt 12" Pioneer enclosed subwoofer, Grant GT steering wheel. Soon I will get a Test-pipe (straight pipe in place of cat.), a new paint job (it's a little scratched up), some 18" (if possible) Concept Neeper wheels, some blue halogen lights, and something to fix the damn rattling calipers!!<BR>

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1989<BR>Silver, Black BS moulding, Grey Leather, Base car, no options.<BR>Have owned since August 98 with 80,000, now has 102,000.<BR>From 1974 to 1995 I worked in auto dealerships. In 95 the Chrysler-Plymouth store I worked for went bankrupt and I had to find another job. I ended up being an accounting supervisor for a trucking company. Three years later a person who I worked with back in the early 80's opened up a used car lot and asked if I could come in in the evenings and help with some accounting duties. I jumped at the chance, this not only gave me a little more "green" it got me back into the car business, if only slightly. In August of that year the owner drove up in a 89 Reatta that looked brand new. He had bought it from the local Buick dealer. The orginal owner, a nurse, had traded the car in on a new Century. I went out to look at it. I had always liked the looks of the car, but this was the first one I ever got to see close up. I'm really a nut for gadgets and the touch screen won me over. I know, I know they break, but it is so cool. I asked if he bought the car for the lot, as a rule he did not buy anything this old, or for himself. He said he bought it for himself but if I wanted it he would sell it to me for $300 over what he paid for it. The rest is history.<P>I have not changed anything on it. I have done some repair work. She is not a garage queen, so things do go bad. But everything is as it came from the factory. I will need new speakers, the orginals ones are shot. I'm not sure what to get, but that will be the only change. I have enjoyed owning the car and plan to keep it for a long time.

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I've had my '89 since 1997. It's Black with Tan int. and the 16-way seat (cool lumbar and knee support!). When I bought her she had 48K miles and now has 51K.<BR> Back in about 1995 or so, my brother-in-law was passing thru Chicago where I live on his way to Indiana. He pulled up in the Reatta and took me for a spin. I asked him if I could have first dibs on it if he ever wanted to sell it...<BR>He lives in North Dakota, so when he offered to sell it to me, my hubby flew to Minneapolis where my bro-in-law had dropped off the car and hubby then drove it back to Chicago in a snowstorm (it was March). That's the last time my black beauty has ever seen snow or rain.<BR>I have not altered it (unless the addition of a few static cling stickers counts)although I have entertained thoughts of having a sunroof and/or a cd player installed. But since I only drive it 1k miles per year or less, it's probably not worth it.<BR>Although it has no back seat, my Irish Setter fits back there just fine as long as she's not standing. I marvel at the size of the trunk. It appears to be much smaller than it is. I would imagine you could fit 1 or 2 bodies in there nicely. wink.gif<BR> That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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recently bought an 88 black with saddle interior ,everyting works ,great interior ,fun car just a little on the small side for a personal car ,and a little too big for a sports car , and not a convert ..a soon as the title comes back from the good folks at ny motorvechicles ,its going on to the next home ,anyone interested in this auto with 103,000.all good windows ,and perfect electronics can have it for the same 2500.0oi paid for her



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2 reatta's

1988 red/gray high miles but runs great, needs lots of work on int and electrical, things work when they want to. Bought car off steet from p/p price was right for good running car. The car handles like its on rails.

1991 white/flame red also high miles daily driver. int fair condition but has electrical problems. Won this car on ebay. Bidded low thought someone would bid higher but won, car had one owner. Needed front wheel bearings and some other things but fair condition. Doesn't handle as well as the 88 but that could be the tires. Everything is stock haven't changed anything

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1991 Coupe White over Flame Red, black side moldings

Purchased 1/13/08 with 93,450 mi

Sam Swope Big Lot Louisville, KY

Car was all stock when I bought it except for window tint done by previous owner. Since purchase I have done the following:

New front/rear speakers (factory units shot all around).

New Alpine head unit (factory radio crackles, bad capacitors in amp)

Changed all exterior light bulbs with new

Pulled, cleaned and polished tail lamp lens, not in greatest shape still.

Pulled IPC bezel and cleaned "fogginess" off

Will be doing the following shortly:

Replace front grille (have spare)

full tuneup

Intake manifold gasket, valve cover gaskets.

Have exterior professionally polished/detailed to get dirt & haze out of clear coat.

Longer term plans:

New exhaust

All new suspension

New (refinished) stock wheels

Optima battery

New carpet

Reupholster interior door panels - getting some "alligator skin" on the armrests.

Add seat heaters

Possibly convert to 16 way seats if I can find the parts

Probable full repaint at some point.

Previous owner had done:

New headliner

New starter

Headlamp actuator rebuilds

Much other stuff I don't care to type out right now.

Yes there is work to be done, but it is in nice shape already. Much of what I plan to do is the result of my being a perfectionist. That, and I firmly believe this will be a collectible car worthy of the investment in the years ahead.


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1988 Red/Saddle Reatta 93k mi. 2nd owner. Everything works but still battling (after 2years) a pre-ignition problem (currently in shop for that and deolco coil conversion, new accumulator, and getting that 20% or so exhaust mainfold power robbing flashing problem taken care of (that Barney Eaton discovered). Fixed the radio cracking (capacitor problem) myself thanks to D-Terry. Has high flow cat, flowmaster with dual outlets. Runs ok looks, handles and great! Still considering a later model 3100 conversion (those run great!) Anyone have info on that or possibly a 1992-3 or so 3800 supercharged conversion???

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1988 black, saddle interior with suede bolsters. Purchased in 2000 from a local Portland, OR area Buick dealer and was 4th Reatta I looked at in three years of searching. Had 62k when purchased and now has 97k. Had an issue with the electronic instrument cluster which the dealer worked on several times but never got fixed. The fix ended up being done at the Buick dealer in St. George, Utah. Was vacationing there and was very hot and dash just simply would not work at all. Problem ended up being a simple matter of tightening up and cleaning the connections. No problems since. Updated AC, replaced headliner, a couple interior trim pieces and new tires are pretty much the only things done since purchase. Interior is in great shape but paint has a lot of 'checking' in it and will need new muffler soon. Entered it in the 400 point judging at the BCA national in Seattle last July and got a Bronze. Wife and I call it our 'date' car and now drive it as little as possible. I have made several long distance trips with it and is without a doubt the best and most comfortable road car I've ever driven. MPG ranges from 24 city to 30 highway. Only way I would get rid of it is if buying another, like a 90 or 91 vert.

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Have had my 89 for five years that have essentially been trouble free. Every thing that went wrong gave me a lot of notice. Converted a/c. Replaced accumulator and master relay, and have pretty much just enjoyed it. Bought with 52K, and it currently has 82K. Use when not using company vehicle.

My other vehicle is a 2006 Accord. I have been playing with wires etc to get the engine to run as smoothly as a Honda. I finely got there, and it may run better.

Entered 400 point show at Buick Regionals in IL last year and got gold.

Unfortunatly, I retire tomorrow and will eventually end up in an area where I can't have three cars, so I will sell it shortly after taking it out of storage this year.

Quite an adventure.


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I bought my red/tan '89 for my 50th birthday in Dec.'06. I had no idea these cars existed until one snowy day while making calls in Door County, Wi. some guy pulled out in front of me in a Claret Reatta. Usally I am pretty agitated when someone pulls out like that, but as I had never seen one before, I say "What the heck kind of car is that?" Then I read Buick on the back and couldn't wait to get home and look them up on the internet. I looked for about a year for a red/tan, and found one in Clearwater Fl. Flew down liked what I saw and bought the car and drove her home to Packerland.

Things done;

Previous owner replaced the transmision,a/c,touch screen, accumulater and pressure switch and speakers.

Things I did;

Repaint car,added sunroof,replaced carpet,transmission lines,thermostat,intake/valve cover gaskets,struts,cleaned up wheels,tune up,got the interior console lights to work,other misc.items.

This car has reawakened my interest in getting a hobby. However I use it for a business daily driver which due to miles deductions,allows me to spend pretty much spend what I want on this car.

That and the fact that we are now empty nesters, and my wife pretty much has all the jewelry she can use.

I also want to thank the guys on this forum and their input, without their help having this car would not be half the pleasure it is!

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Pins and Needles, thats how I felt about getting my Reatta. Many of you recall those posts of mine. Many of you helped me before I even got my Reatta. THANKS! This forum is great and so are the people.

I have a 1990 Select Sixty. I bought it in Sept 2006 at a local auction just a few blocks from my house, with 51,000 miles on it. grin.gif This was a estate sale. So I am the 2nd owner.

For as long as I can remember I liked the Reatta. I would see one parked somewhere and would have to stop and go look at it. Which didn't happen all to often. And when I saw this one in the paper in my town, shocked.gif I thought here's my chance to buy the car I have always wanted. :)Turned out to be MY DAY and I got the car. It is now my Home and Garden Party business car. (but I store it over the winter)

What have I changed...really nothing. Would like a new top some day. I can see how a new one would just fit nicer, being they are made just alittle bit bigger etc.

I can't wait for winter to be over so I can get driving again!

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I like mine because it gets good gas mileage and rides like a cadillac..I run a mobile mechanics business and all my tools fit in it fine..drove it 20,000 miles last year

i hooked up the battery cables in reverse and fried everything the other day but it's all fixed now.

most everything for a riviera from 90-93 is interchangeable in them so it's not that hard to fix.

the windshields are 1000 dollars which is almost the cost of the car but a bullseye repair kit usually fixes that.

just replaced the fuel pump so i dont get stuck anywhere.

found cv axles on ebay for 35$ each so thats good.

1990 maui blue color

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Well I can add my 2 cents I own 2 Reattas one is a blue coupe and the other is a red convetible. The blue car (booreatta) has less than 60K miles and it has been judged at two Nationals one in Plano Tx and One in Rochester Mn. and both time was awarded gold. The convertible has never been entered in the BCA nationals but we are going to take it to Flint this summer. Both of the cars have all of the options that were offered in 89 and 90. My third Reatta is the pewter car, and It might be worth more that the real cars in the long run. I dont drive mine much as I have 4 other daily drivers so the Reattas just get out in good weather. I would love to have a good Select 60 in the future

I want to make a pitch to everyone who is not a member of the Buick Club of America and is not a member of the Reatta Club of America. Join up and lets keep the Reatta one of the best future collectables on the road.

Happy motoring

Chuck from Kansas

Ok I have been asked how Booreatta got its name, a long time ago a very small child was with his parents at a car show and my wife overheard this child say "Hey Mom look at the BOO car". Thats how that happened. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.

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I have had a total of 7 or 8, still have two. I will tell you how this got started.

My wife was looking for a replacement car and there was a 1990 coupe in the local paper. This was Oct of 1991, so the car was little more than a year old yet it had 26,000 miles.

The lady owner was a sales person and was racking up the miles at a high rate, I believe one of the reasons for selling was it would only hold one extra person and that was a disadvantage on some sales calls.

The car was Burgundy/burgandy and they stilled owed over $17,000 on the car. After some negotiation (an no other buyers in sight) we purchased it for $16,000.

That was our first Reatta.... I started doing some research and discovered that Buick had also made a convertible in 1990 and 1991, so I started watching the papers for a convertible.

Slightly over a year later, a 1991 convertible appeared in the paper. Turned out the owner lived with 2 miles from us.

When we first looked at the car it was on consignment at a upscale lot. I had a friend find the owner via the license plate number, and contacted the owner trying to make a deal.

The car was a white exterior, red interior, white top, with 16 way and CD player. It had 23016 miles and was roughly 2 years old in early 1993. The asking price was $26,000 ($11,000 off sticker) I negotiated with the owner for a very long time and finally purchased the car around the end of June 1993 for $23,500. One big reason the owner was holding out for more was he still owed $24,000 on the car.

We still have the car today with 45,000 miles and it is a senior gold BCA car. The only changes we have made was to add white wheels.

We sold the Burgundy/burgandy coupe and was a one Reatta family for a while. I will check my records and tell the rest of the story on the other later.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Ok I have been asked how Booreatta got its name, a long time ago a very small child was with his parents at a car show and my wife overheard this child say "Hey Mom look at the BOO car". </div></div>

I was just wondering about that very thing just yesterday. I even considered asking you but didn't know how to go about it. Thanks for making it easy.

Now... as for the "Tmader"????

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I bought my '88 in, I believe it was Dec. '95 at a 'No-Name" dealer in Halifax, NS. The documentation with the car indicated it was one of 231 Reattas imported to Canada (probably that model year) CarFax shows me as the second Owner?

Car was showing less then 60,000 miles and had a couple of very minor issues. And the current odometer reading is 312,000 miles.

Updates and modifications;


Replaced leather seat covers (suede bolsters) and now have a leather covered armrest. Recovered the headliner, replaced the front speakers and swapped in the Riv. wood trim dash panels. Replaced the door panels with remanufactured units. A-pillar oil pressure and 02 guages.


16" wheels with oversized tires, grill covers over the driving lamps and added "Supercharged" trim markers on the front fenders (small ones-tasteful) Xenon HID Headlights.


Rebuilt the entire rear sub-frame. had corrosion issues so got a replacement subframe off a southern '90 and replaced every bushing and isolator. Fuel tank replaced (again a corrosion issue) and updated to a Carter high folume fuel pump. Replaced the fuel lines with a plastic set for a '91 Riv.

Exhaust system started with a complete '91 2-1/2" system and then had the twin outlet rear portion bent from 2-1/2" pipe.

Front subframe replaced (no corrosion issue, just needed the platform to build the new driveline on) All new bushings and ball joints and isolators, a modified transmission mount to suit the Getrag 5-spd manual gearbox.

Series 1 (equiv. 1995)3800 supercharged v6, balanced crank, rods and pistons, Crane Cams custom cam built to my specs.

Aurora 12" front rotors and calipers.

And probably dozens of other little tweaks but that's the big stuff.

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Having enjoyed good service out of our old '93 Regal, I became a Buick customer. I researched Reattas on the internet for a time but was turned off by the electrical gremlins I read about. I forgot about Reattas for a while but then saw one for sale by the side of the road. I got a red/grey '88 with 200K miles for $2K. As soon as I got it home I noticed that the windshield had a small crack in it (inspection item). After pricing them, I decided to wait for a parts car to materialize. Then MD changed the historic tag law (no inspection) to 20 years. I just had to let it sit until Jan '08. Then the brake line ruptured which was the beginning of a series of Teves-related misfortunes that led me to become THE ONLY PERSON ON THIS FORUM TO CONVERT TO A CONVENTIONAL BRAKE SYSTEM. The '88 currently sits in my garage with the conversion completed but no pedal due to air somewhere.

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