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wanted: several parts for 56 & 72


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I am looking for anywhere that sells a radiator for a 56 special. I have found 1 place that sells a 56 chevy radiator and was thinking of adapting that to it as its not that much different. they have to sell them somewhere as i doubt all these mint redone cars have the original untouched in them. I am looking for the side trim as my car is missing it. its a 2 door hard top. i would like a new carb too. I have both 4 barrel and 2 barrel intakes so i can use either one. the ones i have are missing parts and need rebuilding anyway. I am always looking for parts so let me know what you have even though its not listed.

for the 72 gran sport i was looking for a TA or Poston intake. I would prefer the TA more.

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