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I was just reviewing your post photos and have to compliment you on the great body "Rack" shelf idea you used to hold the Franklin body by using commercial warehouse racking, why didn't I think of that when I did my Avanti years ago?

I worried about garden timbers on grease drums for a long time with that project.


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An old-car friend of mine, Harry Jenkins, came up with the idea. Using the rack shelving in combination with the lift really worked great. We jacked up the body from the frame with the frame on the lift, then inserted the cross pieces and lowered the lift. In a few weeks I will put the body back on the frame and we'll see how it does in the reverse proceedure.

My pace of re-assembly has gained urgency in that I am relocating from Atlanta to the coast of Oregon. I've already started work there and we will put the Atlanta house on the market next week. (That is why the FS ads for the '21 Studebaker Light-Six Roadster and for the '81 Checker). I've found good shop / storage space in Astoria, but don't want to move quite so many cars, first to Astoria and then 18 months later to Fairbanks, Alaska where I am buiding a new garage at my retirement / vacation home.

Thanks for the note!

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