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HI! We have a '55 Desoto Coronado. It is in great condition! Here is the link:

web page


I have wanted an Edsel for many years. My Mom & Dad had a '59 Edsel Ranger 4 door in all black. I am 48 and still remember it well. We would have to sell the Desoto to make room and the money. I am really torn. Any thoughts? Thanks! Alan

Our two cars

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Well, I'm 50 and I started out with an Edsel, and damn proud of it. You never forget where you came from. I would also consider the change of clubs, from the Mopar people to the Edsel people. That's one nice clean Desoto, I would be reluctant to get rid of it myself.





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I love the sweep on the quarter panels, almost as good as a Buick!

I work on that engine before, and it had the deepest spark plug wells i've ever seen on a car. The valve covers are huge!

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Speaking as both a '55 De Soto owner and a former Edsel owner ('59 wagon), the Edsel definitely has a unique place in auto history, if a questionable reputation...

Your Coronado is the absolute top of the line De Soto; a cushy-comfy luxury car, with the wonderful first generation Hemi...I'd find it hard to part with (unless it were for a '55 Fireflite convertible).

The only Edsel that would compete with a '55 De Soto for my heart would be a '58 Citation or Bermuda Wagon, with the E-475 engine and Teletouch.

Is there a way you can have your cake and eat it too?

Perhaps you could arrange an extended visit with an Edsel and see how much you like it ?

Most Edsels had bigger more powerful engines than the 291 Hemi, but the '55 De Soto is generally regarded as one of Chrysler Corps nicest cars; the Edsel is not quite so-well loved for its looks...

Also perhaps analyze it in terms of parts avail & cost ?

Tough choice...

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Funny, it's almost the same colors as your De Soto...

I really don't know what to say Al...it's your money...

As far as driveability goes, both cars will cruise all day long on the interstate...the Edsel might have better braking since it has Bendix self-adjusting brakes (which will need a full system rebuild if this has not been done within the last 10-15 years), which are a better deal than our '55s fixed-anchor Lockheeds...

I would be inclined for a '58 Edsel, simply because there's more unique things about them; the '59s are much more Ford-like.

But that's my personal taste.

How about this angle: you've owned your De Soto for a while, you know the car and what it needs, and what's already been done to it; if you get a "new" car, you're starting from scratch...many, many unknowns...

Too many cars...too little ? ...

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I'm more familiar with the DeSoto (used to have a '56) - I'd say relative to other cars of the era:

excellent engine

excellent transmission

awful steering if PS(Chrysler products were the worst for over-boosted "glare-ice" feel)

The Edsel does not have pronounced strengths or weaknesses in these areas to my knowledge - it is average for the era

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I agree that the Desoto is a nice car and I do know what it needs. I will rebuild the brakes and front end this spring. The trans needs to be sealed. That is all. The car cruises great! And yes we can steer it with one little finger as it has power steering. It also has power brakes, windows and seat! Yet, I want the Edsel too......



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Ah yes, the old "familial attachment" issue ! LOL...

I'm that way about my Grandad's '54 Chevy truck...don't know if I'll ever get it restored, but I'll never, ever sell it !

I noticed a '56 De Soto lurking in the background of one of your e-bay Edsel pics... grin.gif

Congrats on your Edsel !


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