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Looking for 55 Buick Special Suspension Information

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Can someone tell me what the hub-to-hub measurements are on both the front end and rear end for a 55 Buick Special (46R 2dr HT)? All the Buick documentation I have found says that the front tread and the rear tread are both 59 inches on this car. I'm not sure but I believe that would just be the measurement from the center of the tires on both front and rear.

The reason for needing this information is because of an entire drive train swap with newer nail-head, 4 speed, and upgrade to disk brakes. I'd be interested in any recommendations for front end and rear end components/vendors and any personal experiences with this.

Lots of people recommend MII front end from Fatman Fabrications. I'm told the resulting hub-to-hub measurements would be 60-1/2 inches.

The 9" Ford rear end has been recommended but wondered if GM has a rear end solution also. Regardless, I need measurements on width so I can run same size wheels and tires all around.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day.


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Mustang ll might be a bit too light duty under a 55 Buick …

Keep in mind that a Mustang ll was about 2850 in weight.

A frame stub swap with a late model car or midsize truck might be better.

I understand that a late model Crown Vic/Mercury Marquis is getting more

popular as a solution for larger vehicle like your Buick .

I believe they use a crossmember type of set up like a Mustang ll, but are

larger and more heavy duty. I'm sure the boneyards are full of them too.

(well, not since cash for clunkers maybe!)

As for the rear end….. check Speedway and others… you can get a custom width Ford 9

inch with axles for under 800 bucks now. You just have to weld on your own spring perches

and shock mounts,etc


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THanks for the feedback Mike.

Unfortnately there's few options in Australia ther than off the shelf (i.e. Speedway) or a quick flight to the States. That said, doing research allows us to know in advance what we need so if by some chance a donor piece pops up, we can buy it.



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