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Want to upgrade brake booster, but need help finding measurement

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I found out yesterday that my booster is shot, but I pretty much knew that for some time. I have long wanted to switch my single reservoir master cylinder to a dual, but kept abandoning the project as I could not figure out which 1967 model year master cylinder would fit my 64 booster. Well now is the perfect oppritunity for me to get a 1967 master cylinder <span style="font-style: italic">and</span> booster.

The only problem is I do not know if it will fit my car exactly, and I would rather not spend $150 at a clip for trial and error. As far as fitment, I refer specifically as to whether or not:

1) The four studs that hold the booster are in the exact same spot between model year 64-67

2) The four studs are of sufficient lenght to bolt up

3) The rod from the booster to the brake pedal will bolt up with no major modification.

Could someone shed some light on this?

I've tried to do a google search to see if any company had engineering drawings on the web, but could find none.

Basic question is will a 67 booster fit exactly in a 64, and if so, the Delco or Bendix.



5471324.jpg 1967 Bendix> 5491104.jpg

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The 1964 was a really nice year for the Buick Wildcat. cool.gif It was a really Cool Cat with great power and looks to match. laugh.gif

I am replacing my master cylinder and booster on my 1969 Buick Electra "GSX". I am using the stock Bendix unit because it was a very good unit with enough capacity for my 4 wheel Wilwood calipers and helps keep the stock look under the hood. smile.gif Here is some of the info you wanted but REMEMBER I am working with a '69.

1. Your photo of '64 looks identical to my '69. I suspect your photos are switched but you can confirm this by looking for either circular or diamond monting recess on your master cylinder.

2. My '69 studs are on 3.5" centers

3. '69 Stud length should be standard and the firewall thickness was probably the same.

4. There may be a capacity difference (Bore and Stroke of the cylinder) which may translate to a difference in pedal travel, feel, and braking effectiveness. (It may improve with the '67 but I am not sure.)

5. You did not note the pressure metering valve. Maybe the '67 had one, maybe not, I really do not know. These pesky things are bolted to the master cylinder and do not come with the package when you order the combo. They are tough to find and the old ones may not work. If anyone knows how to find one let me know!

6. Lastly, Autozone will sell you a rebuilt Booster and Master Cylinder combo for $90. Mind you that they want much more for both components purchased separately. Buy yours before they figure that out.

My experiences are with a 1969 Electra however from '67 to '70 there was much interchangeability.

Good luck!

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Here is my follow up 10 years later. The full write up lives on my website at


I bought a 1967 AC Delco Booster described as Bendix and it fit directly. I then bought a kit Inline Tube sells which has lines from the booster to an included distribution block which splits the system in to two circuits. I rebent my passenger size and was in business. I did stainless steel lines throughout at the same time, so my bill for the whole 9 yards which included a booster I didn't end up using was $627.

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