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help in removing head

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Help, am attempting to remove head on 89 TC an trying not to have to take the turbo of the exhaust manifold in order to remove exhaust and intake manifold manifolds , drivers side # 3 is last bolt on intake manifold have left,but so far have been unable to get too. for those of you who have removed the head what is the best method for removeing the intake and exhauat manifolds, short of pulling the engine out completely samaddy1@aol.com . [color:"red"]

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I think you're going to have to drop the turbo a little to get to the bolt. Actually if you remove the hood, you can just loosen the turbo and the down pipe, the turbo should drop out of the way, then you can pull the whole head intact with manifolds attached. Two people or engine hoist. You want 005 or 006 MP performance gasket from TU or FWDperformance. You could also drop your slogan and save it for Turbododge.com.

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