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lincoln zephyr 1939 convertible coupe

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i am currently restoring a lincoln zephyr 1939 convertible coupe. does anyone could tell me how much could it be worth in the states?

the body work its allready been done and painted.

the engine is a v12 and its allready been restaured.

everything else is there but it hasn´t been restaured.

the only item missing its the steering wheel(it has one look alike but its not the original)

i have pictures of the vehicule but i dont know how to attached in this link.

if anyone want to help me i can email the pictures.

i appreciate your honesty

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I was interested in this car until our Town Car wreck on April 15. At this point, I can no longer consider acquiring the car. Manuel Lievano has sent me a lot of photos of the car which I can e-mail to anyone who is interested. (See attachments to this and the previous post for starters).

Manny included this inventory list:

lincoln zephyr 1939 convertible inventory:

1.2 complete grille (left & right)

2. set of headlights

3. frontbumper

4. rear bomper

5. handle hood

6. exterior trim complete

7.2 complete horns under the hood

8. exterior handle

9. interior handle(lincoln zephyr but not original of the year)

10. gauges (set of two they are zephyr the fit perfect but i dint think are the originals of the 39)

11. complete front and back seats

12. 2 gates globe boxes

13. ashtrays

14. windows regulator

15. top compass

16. side windows with frame

17. windshild

18. wiper,motor base good, 1 regulator

19. complete tail light

20. mechanic is complete!

21. sterring wheel (2 sets not original)

wheels are 15¨"

missing headlight switch,hubcubs,

electrical wire

Manny's e-mail address is: mjlievano@hotmail.com

The car is located in Bogota, Colombia. Asking price is $18,500 including shipping to Miami, FL.

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I have good news for zephyr lovers! i have decided to ship my 39 zephyr convertible to boston were my brother live. the car will be landing in boston in about month a a half! the car it going to be put for sale for only a while.

price still the same $ 18,500 take advantage of this sale because honestly its not going to last very long.

Manny Lievano

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