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Swap at Carlisle?

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Hello everyone - it's been awhile since I've posted here!

I've been thinking about finally making a trip out to Carlisle this season and had expected to go to the Ford Nationals just to avoid all the GM and Mopar junk out there I had no interest in.

I was just browsing the official site and realized there was no registration information for vendors, just for those showing a car.

The Spring and Fall Carlisle events describe it as one of the nations largest car swap meets but there is no mention of a swap and car corral for the Ford Nationals in June.

So is the Ford Nationals just one big car show? or is there a decent swap and car corral area to enjoy?

For you Carlisle veterans, hopefully you'll be able to shed some light on this dilemma. Obviously the LZOC Spring and Fall swaps are the best to go to in finding our old Lincoln parts. But of all the Carlisle events, which would you say is the best for scavenging old Lincoln parts?

I'd hate to drive all that way in June to find nothing but Mustang's, T-Birds and Torino's. Although nice, that wasn't my reason for going. I need parts!

Thanks for your input.

Jim N.

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Dear Jim,Please post what you need [parts wise] on this site,have you been using the SOURCES page?This Zephyr bunch is a pretty tight group,meaning almost everyone knows everyone.If you need something in particular get the word out,it WILL appear,you might NOT like the shocked.gifprice shocked.gif but it will appear.I would NOT waste my time at a Ford meet lookin for Zephyr parts.IMHO diz smile.gif

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