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Looking to contact Don Summer & American Arrow re '30 rad cap

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I'm trying to locate a chap by the name of Don Summer... apparently he has a company by the name of American Arrow... and has 1930 wing rad caps for sale???

I've checked Hemmings to no avail...

Anyone have an email address or phone number ??

Thanks in advance..


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Saw Your post on the aaca site... Not sure if this will help, but this is the address i have from an old catalog, probably in the late 70's ,, from don...; don sommer, 625 redwood drive, troy, michigan, 48084..... Phone number then was; 1-313-588-0425,, i saw him once at hershey, appeared to be maybe about 50 yrs young then...Was making sportlites then for $125, hi quality.... Thanks, John...

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