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HiTempSteel cold weld - instructions very poor, need help!


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Hello,<P>I bought some HiTempSteel cold weld. The instructions on the back of the package said let air dry for 3-4 hrs and then gradually heat for 10-15mins. <P>At the store, I figured it meant use a blow dryer. When I got home, I opened the can and it is looks like liquid sand. I think it means to heat with blow torch. Only prob is, heating an oil pipe for 10+ mins with a blow torch doesn't sound like a good idea.<P>I'm going to use this stuff to patch a leaky oil pipe on a 94 Buick Roadmaster. The crack (more like a micro dot) is not visable to the naked eye. My biggest peeve is that all the other pipes for the oil/trans fluids appears to be aluminum (or something like that) attached to rubber tubing except for one steel pipe on the lower left side of the car. And of course, it's the steel pipe that requires fixing.<P>Anyway, I'm going to heat some of this stuff and see what kind of heat it really needs.<P>Thanks,<P>James

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