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What class is my car judged in?

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Before I spend more money on restoration, I need to find out just where this car will be placed as far as judging class is concerned.

It is an Overland two seat raceabout which is actually a 1915 model 80 (tourer converted to raceabout 50 + years ago).

Every effort was made to replicate a brass era car with all electrics removed, even a smooth flywheel and no starter.

Gas headlamps and searchlight and oil side lamps are correct brass era vintage.

Early Stewert speedo driven off right front wheel and an original brass and iron shift gate fitted outside the left frame rail, complete with hand brake lever (all nice brass from some early car).

Chassis is std. model 80 but the nice raceabout body is trimmed with lots of brass strips and sheets etc. Has a brass monocle windshield for driver.

It looks like a 1906-1908 type raceabout.

Can I enter this 1915 fake as a brass era car or is it in some limbo??

All opinions appreciated because I have no idea what to call this car.

I will try to return here for answers but really would appreciate emails to dicktrenk@aol.com because i have great difficulty using this web site and sometimes never get through at all.

Thanks to everyone who responds.

Dick Trenk (Classic Jaguar Assn , BCA and OWKR clubs)

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Dick, Your car sounds like a very interesting machine. I bet its a world of fun to drive. In order to answer your question the first thing I would need to know is whether or not Overland built a car like that in 1915. If they did then it will go in the regular class for that type of vehicle. If however, they did not, and your description and comments lead me to believe that that is the case, then you have, I believe two choices:

1) You could still enter the car in the proper year class that a regular 1915 Overland would be in, the downside is that it is unlikely, because of the modifications made that you would win an award, though it is possible that you might win a 3rd Junior award or even a second, anyway. I simply dont know the answer until I see your car.

2) You could enter the car in the "Driver Participation" class which is open to all years. I still cant say for sure if you would win an award or "certification" as they term it for that class. However it is sort of a catch all for cars that are mainly driven or those that have some modification. Too much modification though would eliminate it from contention in this class as well.

I realize that these are not the greatest of answers. Unfortunately they are the best that I can give to you with the information at hand. Regardless of what class it goes in, or whether it wins an award, it still sounds like a very nice car that will offer you a world of fun. One of the biggest hits at Hershey last year with all the fabulous cars was an old Model A Duesenberg with no body at all, no fenders, very little interior, etc etc. It was basically a bare chassis that ran like a top and the owner drove it on to the show field. He knew he no chance to be competitive but wanted to show the car just the same. I can honestly tell you it was a huge hit at the show. Everyone loved it. Your car will be a hit as well, regardless of its class or award status. smirk.gif

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Dave: Thanks for your reply. Yes this car is a genuine 1915 model 80 4 door tourer converted to look like a very early brass era car with nothing electric remaining.

It is a masterful fake and from the collection of dash plaques dating from the 50s and early 60s it has been to many events and shows.

My problem is this.... the museum sold it to me as a non running, damaged drive line and clutch.... but as as 1913 model Overland , which would be a brass era car I believe.

Now I have found the serial numbers under the paint on the front frame horn and the OWKR club verifies it was originally a 1915 tourer.

I have a chance to make the museum take it back due to their title calling it a 1913 not a 1915.

I have about $15,000 in this car (purchase, ship, repairs) and am now thinking I need to force them to take it back....or... sell to someone.

The lovely gas and oil lamps and other circa 1908 features are very cute and it runs fine too.

Any advice appreciated.

Dick Trenk email me direct please dicktrenk@aol.com

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