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2.2 head repalcement /upgrade

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since I will be pullling the head off of the 89 2.2L what upgrades are available to the heads , cams , valves ect. and second question. and I also need advice on how to take care of the leather seat and armrest that are cracking, mine are tan (camel ?). what performance upgrades are availabel for the 2.2L

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The first thing any TC owner should do is join the TC America Club. Karleen, the CEO, formed the club 13 years ago to help fellow owners. She has over 1,000 members right now and the quarterly newsletters she publishes are more valuable than any information you could ever find elsewhere. These internet forums are nice, but so much inaccurate information is posted it is sad. You can purchase the back issues from her and in an afternoon find out more about the TC then you ever thought possible. Contributors to the newsletters include Henning Anderson,(a long time Chrysler Mechanic) Steve Lyons, (one of the moderators of this list) myself and hundreds of other TC owners. Performance upgrades are included in the articles. The Web address for the club is: www.ChryslerTCbyMaseratiClub.com Karleen's e-mail is TCClubCEO@aol.com

There are a number of Dodge Shelby owners that own TCs and are happy to assist fellow owners in performance upgrades.

Good luck with your new TC!

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