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91 buick regal 3.8L no spark !!!!


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Hello i have a 91 buick Regal 3.8L. I have no spark what so ever Ive changed the crankshaft position sensor, Camshaft position sensor, Module with the coil packs and the E.C.M. Please help ive spent so much money and i need this car running i have no more idea's on what it could be.<P> Thankyou <BR> Blueox

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You did swap the computer calibration "chips" from the old ECM to the new one? I know that sounds very elementary, but one of our experienced customers did not do that so it can happen to even the "good" people.<P>Hopefully, you bought a GM ECM instead of an auto supply unit as if you do discover (at the dealership) that your current ECM is bad, GM will not accept the aftermarket reman ECM for the core on a GM unit. Just an advisory on that issue . . .<P>When the vehicle first had the problem, did y'all pull the diagnostic codes first before you started chunking parts at it? Just curious.<P>Just some thoughts . . .<BR>NTX5467

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