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1960 401 questions


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Hello all. I have a few questions about the 1960 401 that resides in my electra.<BR>First thing: It has the gas pedal operated starter, which works just fine. The problem is, I had to have the carb rebuilt b/c it was having issues. Well, I also have a 1961 401 on a stand that has yet to even be turned over. So, I pulled that carb and put it on mine. Well, that carb is identical..with the exception of the other half of the swith that the whole starter setup plugs into. Any ideas at all where I could find one of those carbs? For now I had to make a manual starter switch to override the original set up, and I'd like to have it back to its original state.<BR>Like I said, I also have the 1961 401 on a stand. Can anyone tell me what transmissions are compatible with these engines? I have "heard" there's not a lot out there that bolts up to them, but I have also heard that the early 400's and 401's are the same block, and it may have a few different tranies that would work. I am relatively new to the world of buicks, so I figured I'd see what the experts thought. Thanks.

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The only transmission that will bolt to your 401 is the dynoflow ,or a stick. The 64-66 401s had a ST-400 ,but the crankshaft flange was changed to accomodate the trans,and you would have to have your crank modified to use that trans. The starter switch is a simple fix. Just run the two wires in to a push button,and you are good to go. smile.gif" border="0

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