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Wanted: 1930's Chassis For My Duesenberg Speedster Body

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Wanted: 1934-1940 Cadillac or Marmon V16,Pierce,Auburn or Lincoln V12 complete running rolling chassis for my circa 1935 taper tailed speedster body with pontoon fenders built for a Mr. Hudson Mills of N.Y. in 1948 to go on his Duesenberg chassis with engine J-409. Body may have been called the Heligas speedster or built by a Mr. Heligas(?). Car is featured in the June 1954 issue of Road and Track magazine and a photograph of it is in one the Duesenberg books published several decades ago.Wheelbase was 142 inches. Body was removed from the Duesenberg chassis in 1984 and been in storage until now. I want to restore the car to its grand glory,but cannot afford a Duesenberg running gear! Leads and advice appreciated! George Albright 209 S.E. 15th Avenue,Ocala,Fla. 34471 Fax 352 620 2363; Cell 352 843 1624 days.

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