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Yellow Hard Top


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Does anyone need a Yellow hard top for thier 1989-1990 TC. I just lost my 89 in an accident but still have the hard top in near perfect condition. The porthole windows are very clear with just a little bubbling around the edge. It has the side latches (late model 1990's and 1991's don't have these latches)

This top is FREE to a good home,just come and get it.

Contact me at cmolinari@sbcglobal.net

I live in Glendale,CA

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Ouch, sorry to hear about the loss of your 89. If no one else wants the top I'll take it, provided it fits in my minivan. I don't have my TC anymore so let someone with a TC have it before me. Having the top will definitely be a constant push to get another TC, even if it is just a part at a time. I don't remember the dimensions so I'll need you to measure it.


Riverside, CA

Former owner of a triple black 91.

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