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2004 Award Winners from Philadelphia, Pa.

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Below is listed all winners at this year's Annual Awards Ceremony. We may move this when we find a more appropiate place. Wayne

2004 National Awards

The AACA Cup

Francis Krajcovic 1912 Ford-Central Division

Drew Lewis 1903 Packard-Eastern Division

Roger Lyons 1915 Dodge-Southeastern Division

The President’s Cup

Peter S. Ehinger 1930 Marmon-Central Division

Douglas J. Seybold 1940 Buick-Central Division

Paul E. Rydning 1937 Packard-Eastern Division

Andrew W. Edmonds 1941 Buick-Southeastern Division

John T. Kernan…………………………1937 Cord-Western Division

Lynn James………………………………..1931 American Austin-Western Division

The Bomgardner Award

Jerry Capizzi………………………1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV-Central Division

Stephan Locker 1966 Pontiac GTO-Central Division

George Fender 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-Eastern Division

Joe & Debbie Angeleri 1964 Ford Cobra-Southeastern Division

The AACA Past President’s Racing Cup

Central Division Robert B. McConnell-1977 Lightning

Eastern Division George F. Wingard-1914 Mercer

The Joseph Parkin Award

Central Division Clay Cook-1929 Packard

Eastern Division Robert & Sandra Bahre-1934 Packard

Southeastern Division Salvatore Saiya-1936 Packard

Western Division Richard Petrosino-1940 Packard

The Post War Car Award

David E. Brown 1969 Pontiac-Central Division

Randal Stone 1965 Ford Mustang-Eastern Division

R. Kenneth Craig 1954 Chevrolet Corvette-Southeastern Division

The James Melton Memorial Cup

Central Division Joanna Cooper-1956 Chevrolet

Eastern Division John W. Zastawney-1955 Ford

Southeastern Division Nelson Grossnickle-1968 Shelby Mustang

The Chocolate Town Trophy

Eastern Division Frank Servas, Jr.-1965 Ford Falcon

Central Division Roger D. Fields-1931 Buick

Southeastern Division Waymon Brownlee-1947 Mercury

The W. Emmert Swigart Memorial Cup

Ele Chesney 1954 Plymouth

The S.F. Edge Trophy

The Nethercutt Collection 1931 Bugatti

The Pamphilon Distinguished Car Award

John H. Hovey 1903 Pierce

The Bert S. Harrington, Jr. Brighton Era Award

Robert Mc Keown 1902 Packard

The Edgar E. Rohr Memorial Award

“No winner this year”

The Ford Award-Beginning 1995

Brass Model era & Model “T” era cars 1903-1927

Norman J. Hutton 1914 Ford

Model “A” cars-1928-1931

Ronald L. Geer 1928 Ford

Pre-War Ford cars-1932-1945

Claude F. Taylor 1936 Ford

War Ford cars-1946 to current allowable year

Greg Newell 1965 Ford Mustang

Ransom E. Olds Memorial Award

Philip B. Fischer 1929 Oldsmobile

Louis Chevrolet Memorial Award

Charles E. Pergl & Janet L. Pergl 1956 Chevrolet

Senior Chevrolet Award

Donald E. Shafer 1955 Chevrolet

Walter P. Chrysler Award

Monty G. Ostberg 1937 Plymouth

George M. Holley Excellence Award

Andy G. Wise 1926 Pontiac-Southeastern Division

Theodore M. Hamady 1942 Buick-Eastern Division

The Peterson Fire Apparatus Award

“No winner this year”

The Cadillac-LaSalle Award

Marvin W. Klair 1904 Cadillac

Discontinued Automobile Award

Ed Souers 1954 Hudson Italia

The Motorcycle Award

John J. Humphries 1947 Indian

The Minicycle Award

Buster Tankersley 1944 Cushman

The Hershey Region Junior Truck Award

Wm. “Tom” Gerrard 1958 Ford

The Hershey Region Senior Truck Award

Wm. “Tom” Gerrard 1960 Chevrolet

Bob Rayot 1934 Ford

The Annual Grand National Award

Ken George II 1908 Cadillac

Thomas S. White 1958 DeSoto

The Mercer Plaque

“No winner this year”

The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Award

William U. Parfet 1932 Duesenberg

The Thomas McKean Tour Trophy

Don Henley 1961 Chevrolet

Frank Bugner 1910 Maxwell

James Fields 1938 Packard

Benny T. Bootle Memorial Award

Larry Bailey 1939 Ford

HPOF Award

Vehicles through 1929

Ryan & Lynda DeVries 1925 Ahrens-Fox

Vehicles 1930 thru current allowable year

Jerry & Patricia Dickson 1936 Ford

Howard Boyle 1951 Mercury

The Foo-Dog Trophy

Michael J. Barrett 1927 Rolls-Royce

The Augustus Post Memorial Plaque

Wayne Coffman

The Divisional Tour Award

Jeff Walton

Hulon McCraw

The Winters Racing Award

Gene Weaber

The Charles E. Duryea Cup

Mike & Marcy Jones

The Fiala Old Faithful Award

Doug VanDuser

The AACA Library and Research Center Award

Jan L. Kamholtz

Randy & Rita Rutherford


Richard O. Ullman

The I.C. Kirkham Membership Award

Great Smoky Mountains Region

George R. Norton, Jr. Membership Award

Joanna Cooper

The Samuel E. Baily Memorial Award

Fred Young

The Thomas J. Wells Memorial Award

Luther Dundore

The Founders Award

Earl Beauchamp, Jr.

The AACA Plaque

Wheels of Time Museum

The Ann S. Eady Memorial Award

R. Wayne Burgess-Northern Neck Region

The Thomas McKean Memorial Cup

Kit Foster…The Stanley Steamer: America’s Steam Car”

The M. J. Duryea Memorial Cup

Brooks T. Brierley-……“The 1967 and !968 Pontiac GTO’s Dual Personality”

Howard W. Worley, Jr. “The Legend of the Pittsburgh Six”

The Editorial Award

Sherman M. Carey

The Spark Plug Award

James McDonald

Senior Master Judging Award

Randal Stone

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