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will the owner of this tc in Salem Va. contact me

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Thank you. I didn't want to lose track of your car. I will be after yours when the money comes. If it comes. If you sell it in the meantime, ..... I'll have to find another. I have gone from restoring pianos for a living to restoring cars for myself. Much more satisfying. The owner of the body shop I use, has restored pre WWII airplanes for forty years. So if most of it is there, we can make the rest. Yes, the Red Baron is parked up the block. Bill Reichert aka The Looneytuner on Turbodoge.com. And "the little old lady from Pasadena" is a customer. She started with a 53 Nash Healey but has a new Ford Jag now. Still puts the pedal to the metal.

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