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Idler Arm 60 Buick


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I have got a little shimmy at certain speeds - I put upward pressure (with the car jacked up)on the idler arm and it looks like there is alot of movement in it. How can you tell if it is good or not? The shop manual is no help. Also. it looks like it is pressed into the center-link - in other words to get it off you have to take the center link off with it. Thanks

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I have no definite, certain answers for you, as my experience is with '59s, but I will roll on anyway:<P>I have been told that '59-60 steering linkages interchange. These are the 'tube-type' centerlinks. Also, the previous owner of my '59 told me he installed a centerlink from a '60 on my car, so I believe things between '59 & 60 are the same.<P>Where is the movement at the idler arm-- at the centerlink end of the arm, within the bearing or at the frame-attachment bracket? <P>1.) If the wear is at the bracket- perhaps loose bolts allowed the mounting holes to elongate on the bracket- replace bracket (it's available from Kanter, or weld some on holes & redrill). This would be the 1st and easiest I'd check.<P>2.) I cannot see how the bearing could go bad- 'screwing & unscrewing' gently as it works- but the bearing is available (PST). Take it off, clean thoroughly & inspect it's threads- all my car's 105K bearings were visually perfect, including the idler arm's.<P>3.) If the wear is at the centerlink end- it's either the ball on the idler arm, or the cups within the centerlink (or both) that are worn. The cups & other parts inside are available, but they seldom seem to wear at all if they were lubed even somewhat regularly. <P>If it's just the idler arm ball end, you will have to find a good used replacement. Make sure you used the dust shields & springs to keep road grime out of this ball end area in the future (these shields & springs are on all 4 ball ends in the centerlink: (1) idler arm, (1) Pitman arm, (2) tie rods. <P>Post back here to let us know what you find.

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