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1941 Dodge Luxury Liner

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I have a chance to pick up a 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner for very little. In Canada, the Dodges were just a rebadged Plymouth. This car is a Luxury Liner with Fluid Drive. What I would like to know is if in the US a Luxury Liner is just a regular Dodge but with extra trim or was it something completely different.

This car is rough and beyond the point of feasible restoration but it does have a lot of great parts. Taillights and lenses, both bumpers with extra grille protectors, unbroken grille, headlight and park lights rings, fluid drive trunk emblem, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help and information

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Just now saw your post. I know it is old but whatever became of the '41 Dodge you looked at? I ask because I just picked up a '41 Dodge business coupe that needs everything. Most people would probably say it is beyond restoration but it is very complete and cool. Do you know much about these cars? I ask because the guy I got it from said it was a Plymouth and me not knowing anything about these cars other than it being cool discovered that the steering wheel & front end are Dodge even though the grill has a Plymouth badge on it and it is the correct grill. Could this be the opposite of what you looked at? A Canadian Plymouth built on a Dodge? Anyway let me know about the above and what you had in the way of parts if you did get the car. Also pics of my car are at www.mini-things.com/plymouth.html. Sorry I couldn't get a pic of the grill. Does have the Luxury Liner bumper & fluid drive. I'm seeking any info on the car, especially available parts catalogs, tricks to get it on the road (besides on a trailer!), etc. Thanks! ---Fred

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The Luxury Liner was the name Dodge used for their 1941 models (D-19) on the 119½" wheelbase (137½" LWB). They came as either DeLuxe or Custom in the U.S. and shared bodies with DeSoto and Chrysler. The Luxury Liner was built and sold in Canada as well, although only the coupes and sedans were built in Canada and were sold as Luxury Liner or Luxury Liner Special.

The smaller Dodge, based on the Plymouth, was sold in Canada and in export markets. The D-20 model was sold outside of North America and in Canada was based on the lowest priced P-11 and called Kingsway. Canada also had a D-21 series based on the P-12 and sold as the DeLuxe. Nothing (non-mechanical) on the smaller Dodge will interchange with the larger Luxury Liner.

By the way, the Canadian Plymouths and Dodges used the larger Chrysler flathead six that was used on the DeSoto and Chrysler. Thus a Canadian-built 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner had a 218.1-cid engine (3.375" bore, 4.062" stroke) compared to the American 217.8-cid engine (3.25" bore, 4.375" stroke).


Vancouver, BC

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I still need to keep my needs alive

I agree, we all have our eyes out for something most of the time.

RP, you should send this guy a private message, he may even reply.

He has only two posts and they are old however.

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