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Does anyone know what are suitable substitutes for covering up small scratches on a Royal Cabernet color and the White color? They sell these little bottles at Advance Auto and other places but I have not found any specifically for the Chrysler TC.

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Looking for touch up paint for the 89' Royal Cabernet. Went to a PPG paint store with the car and they got the paint code, didn't match. Used their spectrometer? machine on paint to match color and was still not dark enough. It looked to violety. I have some major deep scratches on the hood, rock dings and around the back end needs some touch up. I've been looking but haven't found anything close. Maybe just try Maaco? for a touch up paint job?

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Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Plymouth vehicle color codes can be preceded by an letter such as P or Q.

For example if you are looking for color code W7/GW7, it may appear on your vehicle as PW7/GW7 or

QW7/GW7 or RW7/GW7, etc.

Please use the link at http://www.paintscratch.com/paint-code.html to find the color code on your

vehicle. The color name alone doesn't tell us which color you have. Look at the listings for the

year, make and model of your vehicle on our site. This will give you the format of the color code.

If you are still having trouble finding your code, call your dealer or go by a collision shop and

have them locate the color code for you.


BillW at Paintscratch.com

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Thanks for the advice on the right front axle, it is all together. Just ordered the royal cabernet paint sticks and touch up paint. It looks like paintscratch.com has your light yellow listed under 90 maserati then click on all models and the screen drops down to chrysler maserati and violla(sp)there are the TC colors. Hey Jeffn how was your royal cab color match?

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