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'26 Chev Landau

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I have just inherited a very nicely restored '26 Chevrolet Landau. How do I find out more about this car? It is just as good as new inside and out. Can anyone give me a realistic range of value? I had a well respected car museum quote me a value of $5,000 to $8,000.00. Is this accurate? Thank you

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Do a quick search on the web -- I like google.com but you can use any of the search engines. Type in 1926 Chevrolet and see what comes up. Look for a Chevy club -- there sure are some. Go to the local Barnes and Nobles book store and pick up a copy of "Old Car Value Guide" it will give you a ball park value. Again, value is what is a willing buyer willing to pay -- not what I wish they would pay. The 5000 to 8000 sounds low if the car is actually as "factory new." But most antique cars are not "factory new." Find a local AACA or other old car club. If your plan is just to get educated enough to sell the car, then you probably already have enough information to list it on e-bay. If you want to keep it because it has special meaning to you -- you have a life time of leaning and fun ahead of you. "The Filling Station" is just one old car company that comes to mind that specializes in antique Chevys. Purchase a copy of the magazine Hemmings Motor News www.hemmings.com and look in the Chevy section -- lots of companies selling parts and books on them, as well as a feel for the prices. Also, if you post your question under the general info, you will probably get more responses. Most folks on this forum are looking the for sale or wanted items.

Good luck with your car.

Hap Tucker 1915 Ford Touring cut off and made into a pickup truck and 1907 Model S Runabout

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