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Thanks folks - reason I ask is that I have been commissioned by a publisher here in the UK to do a book on Maserati and am fascinated by the TC . May need to call on your expertise again to get all the facts right....


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By 1991 the TC price had increased to about $38,000. There are some differences in the TC's depending on when they were built. Steering wheels, hardtop latches, woodgrain trim. Even the wiring harnesses were different depending on who could supply them at the time. My 91 model used different fan relays than shown in the parts books and took me a while to figure out what to put in it. A good person to talk to would be P. Hogan, if you can find an old post from him. He had 3 different TC's the last I knew, including a very low mile Red, 5 speed with the Maserati supplied 16 valve head on it.

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