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Perf 9 and 3/8th rear Riv's etc


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Wanted to bring to this group's attention an effort a few of us have been trying to pull together. For the big cars such as the Rivs etc there has never been a source for aftermarket rear gears, we are trying to have 4.10's or 3.91's built. We have found a manufarturer who will build them as long as the order is above 20 sets and the price will be about 400. On July 14th near Lanc. Pa.we will be holding a measuring session to try to determine what years of the cars will interchange so that we know what to build. There is hope that we can build a set that may cover the 9 and 3/8th from 1964 to 1975. If any of you have any input on these rears or if you are interested in attending please contact me on or off list!! There has been a lot of discussion on the v8buick.com board under the big car catagory on this subject and a lot of background info is posted there. In addition to the session here at my place on the 14th there is a Nostalgia drag deal at the Old US 30 strip at York Pa. Sat the 13th and a get together at the York Fairgrounds on friday night. Some pretty big names fom the 60's will be there. Also on the 13th at Buck Pa. there is a new facility for an auction yard that is sponcering a car show. Antique, classic and rods as well as a swap meet all day. Sure would like to see a bunch of Buicks there. There is a dance (50;s 60's and 70's type music) there in the evening also! More info to be posted at <A HREF="http://www.porterfieldauctions.com" TARGET=_blank>www.porterfieldauctions.com</A> So If you are looking to come to Lanc, Pa. Or York Pa. for a weekend stop by and show off your Buick!!!<BR>These rears we are working on are the strongest factory Buick rear built and make a 12 bolt look wimpy so if we do get a ratio that works put together maybe some of the GS guys will benefit also!<BR>ED Leaman

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This is a copy and paste from the v8buick.net site about the project rears we have been working on.Look under the boatload of fun section for a thread on the 9 and 3/8th<P>Tom and I got started yesterday on our little session, Things just worked out that way!! We have a couple of pretty good results. We need a count on how many of YOU guys that are interested are dealing with 1970 or older cars, 9 and 3/8th rear of course. Also need to know how many from 1971 and newer!!! We have proven that the carriors have a 1/4 inch less offset if the stock ratio was 3.42 or higher numerically. This means that if you currently are running a 3.23 or lower numerically ratio in your car you will need the 1/4 spacer plate with the ring and pinion that we plan to produce. We also now beleive we can build a set of gears that will fit from 1961 to 1970 with simply a bolt in approach. And with a small attachments pkg have it fit the 1971 and newer rears also!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! We mocked up an early 1964 4.45 in my 1973 housing. Only issues that were evident were related to drive shaft flange. Of course we will need to verify a source for the shims on the pinion for depth and on the carrier for sideways adj. If you have a posi in your car it will be a pretty simple deal. If you need a posi, Finding out what will fit accross the years as far as diff carrier housings is a whole nuther complicated project! <BR>We also need someone to talk to in the OLDs camp , If anyone can help with a contact or even with a rear to measure from a big OLDS we would like to try. Our books showed that from 1964 to 1972 Olds also used the 9 and 3/8th This is just to expand the possible orders to make it easier to build this set up. <P>Any discussion about ratios should be handled quickly! although Tom is probably going to have final say in this decision as well as the manufacturer. The 3.42's are available used so they are probably not going to be considered. The 3.91 and the 4.10 are the likely alternatives. As far as the deal on x frames and Bell adapters to get a 700 or a 200 behind a nailhead engine, there is a chance Tom is working on an adapter plate. Also the Gearvendor box is available as a remote mount unit if that fits the program better. I am also sure that if the BPG group went to a volume order on any of these items the cost would get a bunch better!. <BR>Sure was interesting visiting with Tom and learning about the nailhead and some of the Buick history he has been part of. <BR>ED

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