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Lost TCs


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As most of you know I am in the Automobile Salvage Industry. I inventory cars and put parts that can be used again in the computer for our multi-store Sales Force.

During my lunch break I ran a quick search and found some Good News and Bad News!

BAD NEWS is that there are 25 TCs in Salvage Yards across the US. You must realize that there could be more, but these are reported cars into the data processing environment. It will be a matter of time before these cars will be crushed.

GOOD NEWS is that there are original parts available to you if you are lucky enough to find them.

Breakdown is:

1989 - (13) IL,AR,WI,FL(2),MN,PA(2),NY(2),NC,SC,TN

1990 - (7) OH,IN,MI,AL,CA(3)

1991 - (5) MD,KY,WA,CA,ID

It would take more time than I can dedicate to identify exactly where in each state these cars are located.

But (ie) if you are in California, go to your local larger auto salvage yard and ask them to "Locate" the THREE TCs in your state.

The ball is in your court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A red, a white and a yellow are in a San Bernardino, CA wrecking yard. I believe they even got a 4th one since I've been there. Qwikparts Auto Salvage at 330 E. 6th St, 909-473-1911

That is where I got a fender and black center armrest for the 91 I used to have.

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