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Ok, I've joined TCA, ordered a Shop Manual and a Crystal Key.

The top is done and everything else is in great working order!!

NOW.................time to work on the Stereo.

First of all the power antenna was replaced with a fixed mast antenna. The original (not mechanically inclined) went through the car wash listening to the radio.............Duh!!!!!

Anyway not knowing you can replace the "Mast" section, he paid someone to chop and substitute. And threw away all the old parts. OK, 1987 Fifth Avenue antenna plugs into stock harness and works perfectly. Hole in fender needed some adjusting and a little bracket bending.

BUT here is my problem................

When I turn on the radio there is a loud buzzing in the left front speaker. Sort of a amplified zipper sound. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes not!!

So, since the radio was quite worn and the cassette didn't work, I thought the problem might be in the radio. So I replaced it with a 1990 LeBaron unit.

It's better, but still does it from time to time.

You might ask why not go to CD!! I am, as soon as I get the bugs worked out.

I have a large format Pioneer, Pioneer XM that is in my Bonneville that will be moving once the stock system is working great.

SO, any help with the buzzing???? Are the speakers themselves amplified or are they just #x# speakers that can be bought through Crutchfield?? I have not attacked the door yet!!


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Ah yes, the good ole Chrysler Infinity 'premium' sound system. Yes each speaker is amplified and they are a four wire speaker with a specific harness/plug. Being that you are in the salvage business it should be fairly easy to find a Lebaron/Daytona/Spirit/Shadow/New Yorker Etc that also had the premium Infinity system. Heck if you find a 91 and up car it will have the better quaility 'polyfin' ( I think that's what they call that plasticky stuff) speakers. Some Infinity systems of that era even had CD, usually a top line Daytona or Lebaron convertable.

Sounds like you are putting some time into the car, next step more power? <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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